Describe actual course of events...

Prerequisites -
Listen to podcasts
Set up "learning log" blog
Join group wiki
Choose a topic from social studies or science standards for inquiry

Day 1 -
Read blogs; post blog comments about readings
Teacher Explorations 1: Group Wiki (Web 2.0 Tools)
  • Briefly intro how to use a wiki
  • Assign teachers one tool from the 1st 5 categories
  • Allow time for teachers to explore and post on the wiki a brief description of the tool and ways it could be used by teachers and students
  • Use discussion feature for some online conversation about the tools
  • (We could develop a mini-assessment group rubric for this wiki)

Write blog entry about which tool most grabs their attention.
Teach about Essential Questions; formulate questions to guide the inquiry
Intro Diigo; search and bookmark sites
Mini-lesson on blog commenting/ allow time to read others' blogs and post comments
Teacher Explorations 2: Allow teachers time to explore the tool they wrote about in their blogs.

Day 2 -
Individually create their own wiki (this could be the final product for individual assessment...we could develop a rubric for them to do a self-assessment)