Blogging with Students

Top 10 Reasons to Blog with Students

K12 Online Conference Presentations:

"Learn to Blog: Blog to Learn" - Anne Davis

"Sustained Blogging in the Classroom" - Jeff Utecht

Other Resources:

ABC Book on Blogging : Excellent digital book by 5th grade students.

10 Ways to Use Your Edublog to Teach: Ideas from the Edublogs staff.

Blogging Tips for New Bloggers: Comments, tips, and experiences from Edublog users.

Blogging for Beginners

Blogging for Beginners PowerPoint

The Basic 25 Styles of Blogging: Great informative slideshow by Rohit Bhargava and Jesse Thomas

SMART Notebook Lesson: The Craft of Commenting

Curriculum Ideas for Blogging:

  • Write personal narratives.
  • Write expository "how to" instructions for something.
  • Write a book summary.
  • Describe specific literary elements such as characters, setting, plot, or problems and solutions.

  • Describe the steps for performing specific math processes.
  • Post word problems and have students post answers.

Social Studies:
  • Compare and contrast 2 events in history.
  • Write opinions about current events.
  • Express point of view when discussing conflicts between nations.
  • Write about historical figures and their contributions to the world.

  • Write lab reports from experiments.
  • Describe scientific processes.
  • Share research findings.

Basic Scoring Rubric for Deriving a Writing Grade:

Blog Hosting Sites to Use with Students (Logos are hyperlinked):


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