Action List for Cultivating Digital Educators

(Turning Vision into Reality)

In no particular order:

Welcome email to the 2 new GH teachers
GH Student Contract
GH Expectations PPT
GH Logo
Plan GH summer date

GH class names

Numbers (5-1, 5-2...) I think this is probably the easiest to understand...- JGeanangel JGeanangel
Greek letters (5-Alpha, 5-Beta...)
Continents (5-Asia, 5-Africa...) This works well with "Global." We could do some cool thematic extensions with that, but there are only 7!
Trees (5-Maple, 5-Oak...) We could have enough separate names for every class in each grade level, and we could tie it in with environment because trees are necessary for global survival.
Technology words ...I haven't been able to come up with any ideas for this one. - ffoxworth ffoxworth May 10, 2006