On this page you will find a variety of different resources related to SMART Boards and their use in the classroom.

This is a Custom Google search, created by Ben Hazard that search 18 different sites for interactive whiteboard activities.

SMART Tech (For Educators)

The SMART Exchange - a hub for teachers sponsored by SMART. You can find out what other educators are doing, read research about interactive whiteboards, visit the exchange, and much more.

SMART Boards in the Classroom - This is a 2 minute video that reminds students about taking care of their SMART Board.

Notebook Basics
- This notebook file can be used to demonstrate in staff development sessions a general overview of SMARTNotebook and it tools.
Two Minute Tutorials - This is a great place to start. Watch them all to gain a general understanding of what the software is capable of...then review them to learn specific techniques and uses.

Printable Training Materials - This link has a number of pdf files which can be downloaded and used for reference.

Creating Activities
This is links to a pdf file from SMART about building activities in SMART Notebook
Lesson Toolkit Activity - This add-on to SMART Notebook allows the teacher to create interesting and interactive activities. (pdf reference)

Links to Online Notebook Collections
SMART Created Lessons
Witchita Schools: Lessons grouped by subject or grade
Lakeland Schools: Links to online collections
The Teacher's Guide: Math Resources
East Riding: Lots of early literacy lessons
Oxford: Elementary lessons by grade from the UK
Mrs. Weaver: Lessons by subject area
Kenton County: Primary Resources
Interactivate: Math Activities - Shodor Educational Foundation
Internet 4 Classrooms (Grade Level Skills)
Revisewise (BBC)
Merit Reading Comprehension Connection
Primary Resources for Interactive Whiteboards
Whiteboard Tools for Math
Teachers Hub - A K-12 Interactive Learning Center

Blogs and Podcasts about SMARTboards