Ideas for advertising the role of the TIS and for promoting the use of Web 2.0:


a guided tour via a blog and links for teachers that could highlight/share some o
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f the "whys and wherefores" of global learning, web2.0, etc... again just a mashup or mix of existing videos and such with a brief description or intro for each element...opportunities to comment might also be important.

We need to think through how best to deliver this... What if ultimately the video we are talking about becomes just a post on a blog that all tis's could post to... projects, student work, links, etc... with brief descriptions. It would be an easy way for everyone to contribute;) and easily accessible for sharing with teachers and admin... a single location for everything...and subscribable if desired. I think we need to create and post some examples with a well thought out tagging strategy. we should probably include a wiki.... damn this is getting to be a big project!- JGeanangel JGeanangel Are you familiar with Ning social networking? This might be a great option for seems to have more versatility than a wiki, although we could certainly include a wiki and blog as well. Look at the Classroom 2.0 resource linked below.- ffoxworth ffoxworth Aug 26, 2007 Then look at Ning in Education.- ffoxworth ffoxworth Aug 26, 2007

The following could be an example of a potential initial post.

Title: Why is using technology so important? A Remix

I guess at the very heart of the educational technology issue, is the recognition that our world is changing and the resulting inference is the education system must adapt to accommodate the new skill set needed by our current and future students. I believe all educators recognize that technology, in terms of communication and access to information and services, is changing the world we live in and that today's students are also changing. They learn differently. Their interests are different. They communicate like we never even dreamed possible. They live in a digital world.
Shift Happens is an eye-opening video that provides a glimpse at how our world is changing. I believe that not only every teacher but every American should watch this video! There are 3 versions. Please watch at least one.
Version 1 - the original by Karl Fische - very captivating and alarming

Version 2 - Shift happens - a little more image friendly version

Version 3 - Did You Know 2.0

Here is a video that shares the perspective of some students who had a very rich technology experience in high school and then got to college and found a different world. You may wonder why I have included this video considering this is a K-12 effort...well, after you watch it you tell me if you wouldn't be proud to say I taught those kids or those students or from my school. This video also further demonstrates the evolution of today's students.
Digital Students @ analog schools

Here is another example of todays' digital students at work - Mossy's Animals Debate Question on YouTube. Have you seen this? It's a video question that was submitted by a kid here in Columbia for the presidential debate, filmed at Riverbanks Zoo. It's a great example of what kids are doing using web 2.0 tools to interact with the world. Although none of the candidates actually addressed his question, it was impressive that his video was selected for a nationally televised presidential debate. We need to realize that our students now have the ability to both individually and collectively make their voices heard because of Web 2.0, and we need to be teaching them how to do this responsibly. Another random thought...why can't we as teachers harness that same power of voice and try to make a difference in how education is done in this country?- ffoxworth ffoxworth

Post 2 - Ready for the challenge?
I imagine that a lot of teachers are thinking, "I need to do a better job of utilizing technology tools but I am just not sure even where to start". This is exactly why our school district has invested in providing each of our schools with a full-time Technology Integration Specialist. I think everybody knows that your TIS can help you with IGPro, ClassXP, Groupwise and LexConnect. But, did you realize that this is only a minor part of what we can do to help teachers enhance and engage students?

In my opinion it is so terribly important for teachers to overcome their fears technology and begin using it as a tool to improve instruction, assessment, communication and management of their classrooms. Technology is advancing at unbelievable rates. What used to require significant skills, like building webpages or videos, can be done by the most novice users. Web 2.0 has opened the door to free, accessible and user-friendly software for educators. The potential for collaboration and communication alone is mind boggling. But, I hear this from teachers, "I am just now getting comfortable with powerpoint" (or insert any other of the many now traditional applications). I say, "Great, but here is something easier and better that your students are probably already using. Everything you learned previously makes you an expert already at the most of the new Web 2.0 tools." This video is a little in your face but it I think makes a great point and demonstrates the type of technologies that we should using in our classrooms. Are WE paying attention!
Pay Attention

It is impossible, or at least extremely difficult, to change without some knowledge on which to base that change. So, how does a teacher know how to utilize tools that they are unfamiliar with and probably don't have the time learn about? This is where collaboration should begin. Teachers know the standards and skills that they are responsible for teaching. Your TIS knows how different software and resources can be utilized effectively to improve student engagement, digital activity management, communication, research and collaboration. By teaming together, the teacher and the TIS can discuss, plan and implement instructional activities and projects that utilize technical tools. The TIS can fill in the needed knowledge and skills to utilize the latest technologies.

Will all this be accomplished overnight...absolutely not! But, you have to start somewhere. So, think about your students, their futures, and decide to start somewhere. In an effort to provide a few examples to perhaps jumpstart this process for you please watch this video. (TIS vid)

Classroom 2.0 Video

Parts to our video

did you know? (maybe a couple of interesting facts, example or ideas for use for each of the following)

  • Riverdeep
  • LexConnect
  • SmartNotebook
  • Podcasts - by students, by teacher
  • Blogging - for parents, for students, by students (Blogging Ideas Wiki)
  • Wikis
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Digital Images
  • Google Earth (Classroom Google Earth)
  • Available resources - monthly highlights (which is now a wiki),

This is a very poor quality video...but I included it as a sample to generate more thought...
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